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Williams Lake Farmers' Market, July 3

Cariboo Handwoven was at the Williams Lake Farmers' Market on Friday July 3.  The first two yoga mats and a few other things are going to good homes and it was a lovely day.  Thanks, everyone!  Stay tuned here or on Facebook for my next farmers market appearance.

SH290 _ 100% wool _ $300

New Blankets in Undulating Twill

New wool blankets in wavy, dreamy undulating twill are now posted on the Gallery tab under Wool Blankets. 

Interlacements Pattern _ SH279

Interlacements Series

Four wool blankets in the Interlacements series are posted on the Gallery tab under Wool Blankets. The twill blocks weave structure gives a really interesting look of weaving within weaving.

April 6 1.jpeg

Cotton Towels

I have lots of hand and bath towels in stock.  Feel free to enquire about certain colours, or send me a photo of the kitchen or bathroom you might like to enhance.  The website Gallery's link for  Towels has more information to consider.