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I wear scarves much of the time and have a nice collection of my own work. Most Cariboo Handwoven scarves are generously sized – extra wide and long enough to wrap around one’s neck a few times. In fact, they can double as shawls. They’re woven of fine cotton, often with merino wool, alpaca/silk, or silk to look elegant while being functional, soft, and cosy.


Scarves generally measure 150 cm-165 cm (59”-65”) long by 60 cm (24”) wide. I usually have a good supply and I welcome enquiries about certain colours and materials, then I will check to see what’s available and reply. Scarves of fine cotton are priced at $150 and those woven of cotton with merino wool, alpaca/silk, or silk are $170.

Below are some samples; if you're curious, please enquire for more information.


She now loves the new scarf BEST, wider, warmer, loves the colours .... thanks again for sharing your artistry with us." - H

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