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Bath towels


My towels are popular, I can’t deny that. I weave cotton hand towels for the kitchen or bathroom, and larger bath or pool towels. I enjoy experimenting with colours and designs in my towels and finding ideas for blankets and scarves. Cariboo Handwoven towels will outlast a commercial towel and look great during their lifetime.


Dimensions are generally 65-72 cm (26”-28”) long by 56 cm (22”) wide for hand towels ($38 each) and 140 cm (55”) by 80 cm (32”) for bath towels ($115). If you’re interested in towels, please email me about the sorts of colours you’re seeking. I enjoy selecting or custom making towels to match a certain décor, possibly for a renovation or to quickly renew a kitchen or bathroom.

IMG_1249 2.JPG

Thanks again for the beautiful towels. Your craftsmanship is a rare treasure.


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