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Welcome to
Cariboo Handwoven

Hello! I'm Jane Perry and I live in the Cariboo region of central British Columbia, Canada. 


I weave luxurious wool blankets, soft cotton blankets of all sizes, hand and bath towels, and elegant scarves. Everything I make is designed for long-lasting use and enjoyment.

Wrap Yourself Up in a Work of Art!


From the spark of a new idea to the meticulous fringing or hemming, I design, produce, and present my work as both art and craft.


I use heathery Shetland wools, sometimes my own handspun wool, soft but sturdy cottons, and fine merino wool, alpaca, and silk on occasion.


My products are used often in daily life, whether it's a cozy wool blanket in winter, a lighter weight cotton blanket for summer evenings outside, or a favourite cotton towel in the kitchen.


My long-lasting products are proven investments to cherish through years of use. I use repurposed packaging when possible and deliver empty cones and loom waste to a grateful early childhood educator.


My Work

I weave to discover how fibres intersect in familiar and new ways. I happily sink into exploring a weave structure to see how my chosen colours interact.  Every toss of the shuttle and every draw of the beater to bring the next thread into the cloth are small steps in the growth of a new fabric.


My weaving ranges from classic and earthy to colourful and energetic. The contrasts and differences from project to project help me advance my personal sense of design, both technically and artistically, and see how I feel about what I’ve created.


“Your work is out-of-control beautiful.” - V

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