Living in the Cariboo region of central British Columbia, Canada, I weave luxurious wool blankets, soft cotton blankets of all sizes, hand and bath towels, and classy scarves. Everything I make is designed for long-lasting use and enjoyment.

Making handwoven cloth for different purposes has intrigued me for over 40 years. I began weaving on a pirta backstrap loom in Finland as a university exchange student, then I graduated to table and floor looms and learned about weave structures, fibres and colour effects.

I focus on weaving large wool blankets, sometimes with alpaca or mohair. I use natural, earthy colours or vibrant tones to create rich, interesting blankets that suit a variety of home décors. These blankets soften with use, look great over the years and last a long time. 

I also weave lighter-weight cotton blankets in all sizes for the spring and summer seasons. Cotton blankets are great for a chaise lounge, baby's crib, friend's lap, or people who prefer cotton to wool. All are machine-washable and the hemmed ones can also be tossed in the dryer.

Towels are fun to weave and help me plan future blanket projects. I now make both hand towels and larger bath towels. Both sizes make great gifts and many last for 15 years or more.

My blog is the main information source about Cariboo Handwoven and I blog often about new projects, thoughts and perspectives. The subject links on the far right of the blog page will take you to posts about individual works. Cariboo Handwoven is also on Facebook if you want to find me there.

I weave to discover how fibres intersect in new ways. I happily sink into exploring a weave structure to see how my chosen colours interact. Every toss of the shuttle and every draw of the beater to bring the next thread into the cloth are small steps in the growth of a new fabric.

My weaving ranges from classic and earthy to funky and energetic. I use heathery Shetland wools, soft but sturdy cottons, and my own handspun wool and alpaca. The similarities and contrasts from project to project teach me things for my future designs.

My weaving is craft: it is functional and my products are used often, whether it's a cozy wool blanket for winter evenings, a lighter-weight cotton blanket, a tablecloth as a meal's centerpiece, or a favourite cotton towel.

My weaving is art. Users may pause to admire the intricacies of the blanket wrapped around them, the detail under their plate, or the interesting towel in their hands.

From the spark of an idea for a new project, to the meticulous fringing or hemming, my handwoven items are designed, produced and presented with joy and delight.

My weaving can be purchased in my studio, at the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake, BC and the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, AB and from my sister in Ottawa.

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